Taunggalay Meditation Program

During the Thingyan period last year, the opening ceremony of an annual 10-day meditation program took place on the 8th of April, 2008 on the ground of Myayadana pagoda at Taunggalay Padhipatti Sasana Aye-yeik-tha in Taunggalay village of Hpa-an township.

The 10-day insight meditation program was joined by various people – monks, novices, nuns, and yogi or lay-persons – from different villages such as Naunglon, Eindu, Einhtae, kotseinban, and from different townships such as Hpa-an, Hlaing Bwe, Mawlamyine and Yangon. About (10,000) participants came to enter the meditation programe led by the venerable Taunggalay Sayadaw Ashin Pinnyathami.

The meditation was practised two times a day during the 10-day meditation program. There was a section from 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning and another from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening. Taunggalay Saydaw himself taught the meditators how to meditate, how to be mindful and how to develop insight step by step and finally realize peace and happiness.

During the program, a number of generous well-wishers and donors offered the meditators soft drinks and confectioneries after each section every day. Last year’s meditation program was successfully completed at 5:30 p.m on the 17th of April, 2008.

After the program, six oldest meditators – three grandfathers and three grandmothers – were chosen to have their bodies washed up, their hair shampooed and their nails cut. They were then offered alms and paid homage to by the people.

By convention, Taunggalay Meditation Program will be opened again this year 2009 during the Thingyan period. Interested persons from different places – near or distant – is cordially informed, urged and invited to take part in the program.


Devotees from France

Recently, two foreigners from France have visited Taunggalay Sayadaw Ashin Pin Nya Tha Mi.


 A parting gift from Sayadaw



A visit to Taung Wai


They visited Taung Waing – thirty minutes drive from Taunggalay village. Taung Waing is a beautiful place that is naturally surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lovely stream. It is also a place where you can feel peace and tranquility. Under the auspices of Taunggalay Sayadaw, it has been one month that the place is being designed for a Meditation Centre.

Karen New Year Celebration in Taunggalay Village

Karen people around the world simultaneously celebrated the Karen New Year Day which fell on 23rd December 2008 last year. There was also a lively Karen New Year celebration in Taunggalay village – about five miles from Hpa-an, the capital of Karen State in Myanmar. The 17th Karen New Year Day celebration in Taunggalay village began at 6:30 am on 23rd December 2008 in Taunggalay Padhipatti Sasana Ayeyeikth.

The proceedings was opened by playing the Karen drum and blowing the buffalo horn. Karen flag was then hoisted and all the present Karen pledged allegiance to the flag fluttering in the breeze under the rising sun. After that the chairman welcomed the New Year Day by delivering a short speech on the importance of upholding Karen traditions for cultural identity. Karen New Year Message is then read out in four languages – east Pwo Karen, Sagaw Karen, Burmese and English –one after another.

The opening ceremony was well attended. There were over one thousand local residents and a few foreigners who came to experience the joyful occasion. After the morning ceremony which ended at 8:30 am, streamed glutinous rice and traditional meals were offered to everyone there. The night-time entertainments for this festive occasion included Karen traditional dance competitions, nightlong show of Karen troupes and traditional boxing matches.

The traditional “dhone” dance competition was divided into two groups – the elder and the younger. For the elder group, MES dance group from Taunggalay village won first prize (300,000 Kyats), dance group from Paryo village second prize (200,000 Kyats), dance group from Yathawor village third prize (100,000 Kyats) respectively. For the younger group, dance group from Naungthalone village earned first prize (200,000 Kyats), dance group from Kottharsu village second prize (300,00 Kyats), dance group form Paryo village third prize (60,000 Kyats) respectively.

In commemoration of Karen New Year Day, a total number of 19 representative football teams from nearby villages came to compete in the football matches. In the final stage, Phlon Ponnya Twont football team won the frist prize of (10,000,000 Kyats), Kayin Performing Arts football team the second prize (500,000 Kyats), Shwekin team the third prize (300,000 Kyats), Marga Social Organization football team the fourth prize (200,000 Kyats), and the Kayin Performing Arts football team for the cleanest prize (100,000 Kyats) respectively.

During the traditional boxing match (between 28 December 2008 to 01 January 2009) which was regularly played at night, the challenging match had produced the following results.

Boxers Result
(1) Saw Zwe Lay (Bilatt) &Thakti Aung (Tuanggalay) draw
(2) DaungNyoLay(Duang Myanmar) &YanNaingAung(Taunggalay) DNL
(3) TunTun (Myawaddy) & Mya Lay Nwe (Taunggalay) draw
(4) Dor Jit (lelyar Selmyaung) & Nargis MoneDine(Taunggalay) draw
(5) Lone Chaw (Naung Tone) & Zhan Htoo(Taunggalay) draw

Karen New Years celebration in Myawaddy

On 23rd December 2008, the very first Karen New Years Day celebration in Myawaddy took place at Taunggalay Monastery in Myawaddy – a border town between Thailand and Myanmar.

The joyful occasion was performed in two sessions.

The opening ceremony of the first session began at 6:30 am with the playing of Karen drum and bufflo horn, followed by raising Karen flag and singing Karen national song. Then the chairman of the ceremony gave the opening speeches and the chosen four Karen read out the Karen New Year message in four different languages – east Pwo Karen, Sagaw Karen, Burmese and English- one after another. The ceremony was closed at 8:30 am by singing the song of ‘all hoo all haung” which means “let’s unite”.

Led by Mahn Kyaw Win ( Nalonethar Chit Naing), the second session was for the performance of summoning paddy/rice spirit and the early crops feast in which everyone participated happily.

At night, Karen traditional dance competion was held and dance groups from different villages came to enjoy the competition. Sait Phu (first), Nga Pyaw Taw from Hlaing Bwe township (second), and Myawaddy Myothit group (third).

Karen New Year 2748 ( 1st Pyatho 1370- Burmese Calendar) falls on 27 December 2008 this year.

Karen New Year Ceremony

A Brief Background of Karen New Year Day

Every race has their distinctive traditional customs which must be preserved from disappearance. This Karen New Year  Day is also a sacred and important national day which has been held since years ago.
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